Tears From a Bull

Infusing the World

Tuesday 1st of September 2020, NSW Australia.

“Yaaaaama! My darling!” Sri Avinash would call out from the back deck. “Yaaaaaama! My darling, hello Yama.” Sri Avinash was with him since he was born. Once Sri Avinash had to carry Yama the baby calf in his arms to safer grounds and since then, they have shared a special bond.

Yama has grown up to be a strikingly handsome bull with his jet black fur glistening over his enormous body. He is solid and strong with long, black-tipped white horns in the shape of crescent moons.

On several occasions, Sri Avinash has stood by the fence admiring Yama, sending him divine love. Each time, Yama can sense it and comes right up to the fence. Standing there still, the Master and Yama share such a beautiful heart-to-heart connection. Then something really amazing happens.

Yama’s bright black eyes begin to gather with tears.

One by one, our magnificent, handsome and mighty bull sheds tears of love that flow over the cheeks of his large black face and fall to the earth. Can you imagine watching a great big hulking bull cry with love? How it touches our hearts!

It is such a magical thing to witness this incredible connection.

But it is not only the large creatures that are showered with Sri Avinash’s love, all the creatures – from our dogs and chickens to the wild black cockatoos and wallabies – are adored by him.

In summer, I would often catch him hunched over the kitchen sink whispering gently. I wondered what he was doing.

“Master,” I would softly enquire, “Is everything ok?”

He would straighten up and smile bashfully, like a little boy who was caught, “I was just rescuing some ants,” he would say. His love is not for show or for praise, it is simply an unstoppable expression of who he is that is bestowed upon all of God’s creations, great and small.


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