No Ordinary Gift

Infusing Jewelry, Crystals and Gifts

Monday 2nd September 2019, NSW Australia.

It was unusually quiet in the office, and as I turned to Sri Avinash’s desk I could see that he was focusing intently on something in the palm of his hand. 

“Yay!” I thought with excitement—he must be infusing my pendant. It was like spiritual Christmas as I waited patiently, wondering what qualities he had decided to infuse into it. 

“Devika,” he said gently, his eyes sparkling with joy and excitement. Without saying another word he offered the infused pendant to me as a special gift from Master to close disciple. 

As soon as he placed it into my hand I felt every cell of my being awake. The sheer power of it caused a ripple of energy to course through my being. I gazed upon the chrysoprase pendant, completely enraptured and engaged, mesmerised by its transformation from a lovely green stone into a vibrant green galaxy of divinity. 

It was heavenly. 

Sri Avinash had given it a Master’s Infusion, choosing qualities tailored specifically for me to help me on my journey through life. Kindly, he had already infused pendants for his other close disciples, and I witnessed them benefit so much from the unceasing energetic boost of it.

I put it on and it changed my life. Physically, mentally and spiritually. 

He selected the warmth of divine love as well as the blessings of divine protection, divine light and divine spirit to infuse into it. It was so funny to hear him joke, “I put the usual boring ones in there” when referring to these ethereal qualities, only because you can’t trump the benefit of these energies, they are supreme, and so naturally he uses them a lot!

I kind of knew he would infuse those ones, so I was curious about what other qualities he would select for me. He chose perfect health, eternal peace, love of humanity, divine voice, divine surrender and, my absolute favourite—oneness with God. 

Coincidentally it was extremely windy that day, and some dust in the air had been wreaking havoc on my sinuses. My nose was running like a tap all morning and I had already gone through half a tissue box, sneezing every few minutes. Would you believe it, literally within minutes of putting the pendant around my neck I could take a deep breath through my nose. 

I felt the swelling in my sinuses subside immediately. It was as if I had taken an antihistamine, but all I had done was put the pendant on that Sri Avinash had infused with all of these divine qualities. What would have typically kick-started a sinus infection for me in past years had whittled away to nothing within twelve hours. I truly experienced the power of his perfect health infusion energetically pulling me to good health. It was incredible. 

In another amazing turn of events since wearing the pendant, I have started singing—and it actually sounds good! This may not sound like much but you can ask any member of my family and they will attest, I was a pretty terrible singer. But funnily enough, a couple of days after wearing the pendant with divine voice infused into it, I just picked up the guitar (which I never played before), learnt a few songs, and started to sing so sweetly, so beautifully. I couldn’t believe it was me. 

Out of all the qualities that Sri Avinash infused into the pendant, I have been really loving the impact that the energy of divine surrender is having upon me. I love being content, not feeling the urge to think too much or analyze, assess, critique or rearrange – all those habits that chip away at the happiness of the moment – I just don’t do those things much anymore. 

Sri Avinash astounds me with his gift, truly astounds me. He is so humble and down-to-earth that sometimes even the most loving and faithful disciples forget just how powerful he is. But the impact of wearing this pendant reminded me that no, this is no ordinary man, this is no ordinary gift.

This is extraordinary.

Devika Visintin

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