Witnessing the Master Infuse the Moon and the Mountain

Infusing the World

Wednesday 6th of March 2019, NSW, Australia.

It was pitch black as we walked up the hill to the top of the paddock. Anandamayi and I were leading the charge whilst Janet and Tripura kept a more leisurely pace with Sri Avinash and the pups.

It was a supermoon, and on a clear night in Doon Doon we decided to watch it rise over the mountainous ranges that encircle our little monastery. We caught glimpses of a large golden orb shining through the trees as we made strides to the top. Once there, the view was glorious. The pups sat at our feet as we all stood in silent admiration.

“I’m infusing the moon – look!” Sri Avinash directed. We all looked at the moon as it glowed brighter and brighter. “Do you see that?” Sri Avinash asked, “The moon can feel my love for it, can you see it glowing?” We sure could. Its brilliance was undeniably increasing. He continued to send Divine Love to the moon as we watched on, and then transmitted the Satori state over to it. The halo of light around the moon began to pulsate, and Sri Avinash explained to us that this was the moon communicating with him, saying, “Thank you.” We stood in awe, witnessing this interaction between our Master and the moon.

The Master Infusing the Mountain and the Moon

Off in the distance to the north, Wollumbin stood. You may also know it as Mount Warning. I’ve often remarked to myself that the steep peak of Wollumbin has stood forebodingly over the district with a stormy, angry-like presence. As Sri Avinash turned to Wollumbin he added to us, “I’ll infuse Mount Warning while I’m at it.” He sent Divine Love energy into the mountain and then turned his attention to a nearby tree.

I looked at him quizzically and he explained, “The tree knows we are here too, I’ll just send it some Divine Love as well, so it doesn’t feel left out.” That made me smile, and love him all the more. His connection and tender compassion for everything, be it an ant, a tree, a mountain, a human or even the moon, truly knows no limits.

On the walk down the hill Sri Avinash was explaining that the spirit of Wollumbin had been a bit upset, a bit angry. He explained that within the mountain a great soul lives, and for millenia was revered and respected by the indigenous people. Nowadays, things have changed and the great spirit within the mountain has been overlooked, in much the same way I guess as many other spirits of nature have become overlooked. Mountains, rivers or trees have come to be regarded as inanimate and spiritless – or otherwise looked upon and treated in some way that devalues their innate divinity.

Sri Avinash explained that he gave Wollumbin great love, respect and reverence as he stood on the hilltop, and his being could sense the joy it brought Wollumbin.

Uncommonly, that evening when we all should have been in bed, Janet, Anandamayi and I gathered on the back deck to soak in the view of the full moon over Wollumbin. The peace emanating from the moonlight was palpable. We were amazed. It seemed as though within the very moonlight were angels of serenity granting calm and ease to everything the silver rays touched. Wollumbin stood tall and resplendent. Gone was its stormy air, completely gone. Peace had come to the spirit of the mountain and we could all sense it and see it. The whole landscape looked and felt different. We turned to each other, raised our eyebrows and shrugged with a smile, in wonderment of what it’s like to live with the Master.


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