He Can Infuse Anything Into You

Infusing the World

Monday 7th of January 2019, NSW, Australia.

As I sat in front of Sri Avinash I closed my eyes and opened myself up to his blessings and healing energy. That morning he announced, to our great surprise and delight, that he would treat each of us to a half hour intensive Healing Transmission Session. I had already seen how Tripura and Anandamayi came out radiating peace, softness and serene beauty. I wondered what it was going to feel like, I was even a little nervous, but almost instantly I was drawn into stillness.

A lightness overcame me as though the weight of my body was no longer apparent, as though I didn’t even have a body – if you can imagine that. Over the course of that half hour, lightness permeated my being. Paradoxically I felt superbly grounded, resolute and confident, as if I knew exactly who I was without a shadow of a doubt.

I could feel immense love – a divine and pure love – glow within every cell. So tender and warm, it filled my being with the gentle surety that I was cherished. A true child of God. I also experienced the feeling of a lot of energy going into my heart, as if my heart was strengthening and expanding.

Infuse anything into you

When Sri Avinash finally asked me to open my eyes I must admit – I didn’t want to! I wished to stay in that state forever. He proceeded to give me a run down on exactly what happened.

I understood easily that he infused me with Chi and divine love. That part was clear by the ease my muscles and organs felt with no tightness or knotting sensations anywhere. Energy seemed to flow freely and effortlessly through me. My body movements were noticeably more graceful. I felt so in tune with everything, even the air around me, in an exquisite gentleness of being.

But the exciting part is what qualities Sri Avinash infused into my being. He infused the endurance of the beloved Tibetan Master, Milarepa, that I may have the resolve and strength to achieve my dreams in this life. He infused in me a love of humanity and the enlightened state of knowing, fearlessness and the wisdom and compassion of Tara – the Tibetan deity revered as the mother of liberation.

No wonder I felt such grounded conviction of who I truly was! We are all divine, after all. Lastly, I understood why I was sensing so much energy around my heart, as he told me that he was healing it and removing the impact of past traumas and shock that had weakened it. Can you believe that? He removed my past traumas – and would you also believe I can breathe better now?

What I’m about to share with you is not the sort of thing that Sri Avinash shares with the world, they are sentiments from his heart that he pours out only to his close disciples. You may wonder what brought on Sri Avinash’s decision to undertake one-on-one intensive healing. Well let me share with you what I know from living with him, from hearing him speak about this every day.

Born out of his big heart, it is his refusal to watch people drown in their misery that compels him to heal them. And he doesn’t want to wait around for the teachings to be absorbed, he just wants to get in there and make them feel better straight away, so he heals them. Don’t get me wrong – the teachings are phenomenal – but when a person’s head is underwater and they are drowning, there’s no point blowing a whistle and telling them to swim between the flags, is there? You’ve just got to dive right in and save them. And so dive in he does.

Infuse anything into you

He bears witness to the multitude of people with agitated and unwell minds and energies, these human beings trying their best but suffering terribly. I must admit he’s not gloomy about the state of the world. Rather, it completely drives him. He is excited, like a kid at Christmas, so keen to get out there and use his healing gifts to see people unburden themselves and begin to blossom, discover themselves and start to truly live. It is his ocean of compassion that motivates him, you see.

Such is his passion to ease your suffering that I cannot even describe – he speaks about it like 20 times every day! It’s usually the first thing he talks about in the morning. He is so powerful – so unbelievably powerful. He can infuse anything into you. Holy Masters, deities, virtues, positive qualities such as fearlessness, wisdom, humility – it is endless. Because his love for you is endless. Sometimes I am absolutely awestruck by how much he loves you, by how much he loves humanity.

The funny thing is, he’s pretty awestruck by the power of his healing ability too! Sometimes he has a good chuckle to himself, slaps his knees and exclaims “Can you believe God gave this fisher boy all these gifts!” Then he laughs some more. He tells me depression and anxiety are nothing to him. He regards them like crumbs on your shirt that he can easily brush away, no worries. He can just zap them like that. He’s told me he feels he is only just touching the surface of his healing ability, so I wonder, how will this gift evolve? And how many lives will be changed forever?


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