Holding the Divine in the Palm of Your Hand

Infusing Jewelry, Crystals and Gifts

Wednesday 22nd of May 2019, NSW, Australia.

On a sunny mid-Autumn day, we watched on with fascination as Sri Avinash selected a handful of divine qualities to infuse into a Lapis Lazuli crystal. It was an exquisite stone, rich in admiral blue, ultramarine and azure with flecks of white and glittering golden veins.

Ordered as a birthday present for someone, Sri Avinash deeply considered what qualities would benefit them most. After selecting the qualities of divine protection, love and blessing from the force of nature, peace and calm, oneness with God and the love of humanity and lastly the quality of surrender and letting go, he proceeded with the infusion.

Closing his eyes, he entered into deep focus. Waves of energy rippled over him as he harnessed and directed the energy of all those heavenly qualities into the crystal he was holding.

After some time he opened his eyes and gazed at the azurine Lapis Lazuli. He rolled it over his fingers, then held it in the palm of his hand for a minute or so, a look of enrapturement filling his face.

“Wow,” he whispered to himself, completely captivated. “It feels beauuuuuuuutiful.”

One of the most endearing qualities Sri Avinash possesses, I find, is his ability to surprise and delight even himself with what he can achieve. “Look how God has blessed this boy,” you will often hear him say with a childlike giggle.

I accepted the crystal eagerly into my hands, curious to sense what it felt like. Would you like to know what it felt like?

It felt truly, totally and utterly sacred.

This all-pervading sense of love and light emanated so strongly from it that my fingers began to tingle. So deep was this energy that it felt like I was holding God’s hand in mine. This magnificent feeling of oneness, peace and harmony radiated through my being, I couldn’t bring myself to let go! It simply felt so good to hold on to it.

I know of people that hold on to his infused crystals in bed and they fall asleep with ease. I know of a gem of a little girl who keeps her infused Rose Quartz Angel with her at night because it stops her nightmares. I also know of a wonderful woman with breast cancer who holds one of Sri Avinash’s infused crystals to her skin and it relieves her pain. It’s a wonder – it’s almost magic – and it is one awesome part of living with a Master completely devoted to heal the world in any and every way he can.


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